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About Tricia’s Journey

Challenging. Insightful. Passionate. Human.As founder and managing member of a people-development and coaching business, Capacity Builder, I am as passionate about people personally, as I am about their development professionally.

I’m all about the ‘aha’ moment.

I am not your run-of-the-mill, cookie-cutter coach. Sure, I’m a skilled coach, facilitator and strategist with a CV that ticks all the boxes and qualifications that confirm I know my stuff but, like you, I am a perfectly, imperfect human. For me, it’s not about lectures, death-by-PowerPoint presentations and a one-size-fits-all solution.

It’s about insight and inspiration and empowering each person who crosses my path to overcome challenges and achieve their dreams.

Meaningful Difference. Positive Impact.
It’s always about these two things for me: Knowing that what I do has a positive impact on the world, and makes a meaningful difference. These two objectives are what catapults me out of bed in the morning.More than just a mantra or a mission statement, meaning and impact are my measures, the yardstick against which each and every aspect of my work is examined. It’s why I structure my solutions the way I do, why I’m upfront and frank about who I can help and who I can’t, and why I push people to the boundaries of their comfort zones.Only by pushing can you break through, and only by breaking through, can you truly discover your extraordinary brand of ‘magic’.

Life-changing. Truly inspirational.

Angela Maciel
Talent Manager: FleishmanHillard South Africa

“My only brief from my seniors was that we needed to find trainers who just get our business and can become our partner.”

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Frans du Plessis
Director: Quay Stone Construction Pty (Ltd)

“Tricia’s analytical and holistic approach very quickly identified the primary limitations my business was suffering and she started working on my personal attributes that was contributing to these limitations.”

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Travelling Companions

As you can probably tell by now, my passion is people.

Not only have I built a business around people development, but I am always looking out for like-minded people that can create ‘people-development magic’ with me.

Where other businesses might label them as business partners, I just see them as very cool travelling companions that want to work with me to make an impact on individuals.

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Make a Connection

Pop a mail. Pick up the phone. Start your journey!

Need more information? Book Tricia Jones for a cup of coffee to chat about your requirements: coffee@triciajones.co.za

If you want to book your capacity building solution (event, training, coaching, consulting), secure your “aha moments” by popping Tricia an e-mail at:


If face-to-face is not your thing and you’d prefer to make use of modern technology, you can get in touch via phone or Skype:

Mobile: +27 (0) 82 566 1351
Skype: tricia-jones

Hi, I’m Tricia.

Changing lives, one human at a time.

I wanted to build capacity.

As most little girls do, I had often dreamed of becoming a marine biologist and changing the world – one fishy at a time. But alas, I soon realised that if I was going to have a real impact, it would have to be through effecting change at the top of the food chain.

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Get Back in the Driver’s Seat

When you untangle emotions from unnecessary complexities, you replace stress with simplicity and challenges with game-changers. It’s time that individuals, teams and organisations are empowered to kick limiting beliefs to the curb and face the music – that circumstances are not happening to them, but rather, that they are happening because of them. The most tragic thing, I believe, is to allow our lives, our business challenges, our circumstances to happen to us. Our greatest triumph is in our ability to reclaim our power through taking responsibility, so that one day we can declare that our lives, our lessons, our successes, our failures, our legacy happened because of us.

Turn limits to legacy

Along our journey, we often find ourselves in one of two spaces: In a comfort zone, or in what I like to call the magic zone. While our comfort zone makes us feel, well, comfortable, very little magic ever happens there. Exploring and venturing into these magic zones is how I equip my clients to take ownership of their unique abilities, recognise their talents and strengths, and use these powers for good – to step up, take action, empower, liberate and lead.

Start your adventure

Talk is cheap, and the best way for you to really get an idea of what I do, is to experience it. And that’s what I’m all about... experiences that give way to ‘aha’ moments. I connect the dots and cut through the clutter quickly so that people can see the human – and see them clearly.

“It’s when we see the human, remember we are human and accept the human, that we really find the magic.”

Your ‘aha’ moment

Here are some very cool travelling companions that I’m travelling with at the moment:

Once you get past her striking beauty, you realise that this lovely lady is the full package… beauty, brains, passion, and experience. Lara is the brains behind 360HR, the most sought-after human resources (HR) recruitment specialist and HR outsourced solutions provider in South Africa. I feel so lucky to work with her and together, provide a broad range of people development solutions, which include: Onboarding programme design Interim management Group and individual coaching solutions Wellness programme design Reward and recognitions strategy design Talent management solutions (including attraction, recruitment, onboarding, performance management, training and development, retention, and exiting).


Quality instructional design is a rare talent, but this girl has got it. By partnering with Margeaux, I’m now able to offer the following solutions: Customised learning solution design Psychometric assessments

Coleen is a Human Behaviour Specialist and NLP Master Practitioner like none other. I was privileged enough to learn about the power of Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP) under her guidance. I feel so luck to be able to partner with her in co-creating and offering the following solutions: Coaching Culture Clubs Employee Wellness Solutions Trauma Coaching Corporate Training Solutions NLP Certification Training.


Besides his wealth of experience in transformation management and management diagnostics, James is one of the founding fathers of understanding motivation. In partnering with James, I can now proudly bring you a state of the art, one of a kind, proudly South African flavoured assessment tool, called Motivational Maps. This revolutionary tool will give you insights into what motivates you, your teams and your organisation and provides you with oodles of talent management ammunition.


Where do I begin with this guy? Besides being an all-round fabulous human being, he has an incredible talent for strategic thinking and challenging business leaders’ mind-sets to improve process, systems and people practices. Oh, and his dry British humour always keeps things interesting.

Nicole and her team at Nimico have raised the training game to a whole other level! With their creative learning methodologies and high-quality learning material, you will be hard-pressed to find a training provider who can package training content the way these guys do.


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