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If you're looking for just-in-time skills programmes that boost resilience, support leaders in crisis and ramp up your mentoring capabilities, then these skills programmes are for you.

Skills Programmes

So I am a Mentor, Now What? So I am a Mentee, Now What?

Are you looking for a mentoring framework and tools to guide your workplace mentoring programme? Or perhaps you are in need of a powerful capacity building session to up-skill your mentors quickly to improve their effectiveness? We’ve got both.
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Leading In Times of Crisis

This 90-minute Leader2Leader conversation, supported by a 30-Day Call To Courage creates a safe, cathartic space for leaders to be vulnerable and engage in courageous conversations about the importance of leadership in times of crisis.
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Resilience Booster

Is your team in need of a resilience booster to help them through the tough times? This short programme will equip your team quickly with practical tools to manage their emotional energy and focus on what really matters while navigating stressful times.
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“Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don't want to.”

~ Sir Richard Branson

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