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2018: The Road to Success Starts with a Strategy

You’ve probably heard that dream’s that aren’t big enough to scare you, just aren’t big enough. You’re probably then also aware that dreams without clearly defined goals of how to achieve them will stay just that – dreams.

While dreams are essential in guiding and inspiring you towards the achievements and passions you strive for in life, it’s crucial to remember that dreams are not outcomes. Dreams are, well, just dreams if you don’t decide to turn them into actionable steps. Without a clearly defined, well-formed action plan to achieve them, they will remain a pie- in-the-sky fantasy.

In my experience, apart from the lack of a clearly defined action plan, there are a few things that will also inevitably lead to failure:

–     When you have no clear idea of what you desire or what’s important to you

–     You’re not learning from your experiences

–     You’re resisting feedback

–     You keep doing what you’ve always done, and surprise-surprise, you keep getting the same results.

Do it differently this year.

Albert Einstein has been quoted as saying that the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

If you want this year to be different, if you want to get different results, and if you want to fail at failing, then what you need is to learn the success strategy that turns dreams into outcomes. My strategy for success starts with a few simple but powerful steps:

–     Define a clear and well-formed outcome: know what you want and why it’s important for you to have it.

–     Action the plan towards the outcome: work out a schedule of how to achieve your outcome, and like Nike says: just do it!

–     Learn from the feedback you get: feedback lets us know what we need to change/adjust in our plan towards our outcome. Pay attention and learn from it.

–     Be flexible: keep learning, changing, trying until you achieve your outcome.

Many equate success to luck, but it turns out that becoming successful in achieving your dreams is all about learning the strategy to success. It’s about clear goal-setting and fixed outcomes.

If you don’t want 2018 to be another year where you don’t achieve what you aim for at the beginning of the year, then get in touch with me for a session that will kick-start your journey to success with a clear-cut strategy.

Tricia Jones

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