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Changing lives, one human at a time.

Hi, I’m Tricia.

My story starts as a little girl with a big dream: To make a real difference in the world by strengthening people’s skills, putting a spotlight on their potential, and building their true capacity.


I wanted to build capacity.

As most little girls do, I had often dreamed of becoming a marine biologist and changing the world – one fishy at a time. But alas, I soon realised that if I was going to have a real impact, it would have to be through effecting change at the top of the food chain.

After earning my stripes in the corporate space, I decided to go at it alone. “Starting a business is going be fun,” I thought. “What I’m going to do is phone people up, point out their challenges, tell them how awesome they are and how they can do better and be better. Then they’re going to help me pay my bills and we are all going to live happily ever after.”

It turns out that people are a little more complex than I originally thought. All the ‘touchy feely’ self-development stuff made them uncomfortable. “But do you have any learning material?” they asked.

And so, Training Library was born. By partnering with a team of developers from around the country, Capacity Builder built a resource library of over 40 qualifications and 200-hundred unit standard-aligned learning material packs.

Still this wasn’t good enough, because I wanted to change the world. With the mission to change the world, one human at a time, I set off on a journey to find a new shiny tool to help others (and myself) increase self-awareness; to be better and do better. Spoiled for choice (turns out there are lots of these), I settled on the one that taps into the source of human energy and potential.

My next adventure was to find some unsuspecting characters who would be willing to let me analyse their challenges, cut through the clutter to identify the root of their frustrations and strategise solutions that would help them to do better and be better.

It turns out that people see real value in capacity building solutions.

“Yay!” I thought, “Humans are kind of cool.”