• Hi, I am Tricia Jones! A Passionate People-developer, Leadership Coach & Capacity Builder.

    I am as passionate about people personally, as I am about their development professionally.

    Like many, I was born with a checklist for success printed on the back of my birth certificate. From a young age, I knew what was expected from me and what I needed to do to achieve the levels of performance, success, recognition, acceptance, and sense of accomplishment that most of us desire. Despite a difficult start, before long, I had systematically ticked all the boxes for a successful life off my checklist and by the age of thirty, had met all the requirements for what a successful life should be.

    Career-wise, I had climbed the corporate ladder to a position of power and influence. In my personal life, I’d met and married someone I’d chosen as my partner for life, bought a nice house, drove a nice car, and had just given birth to, what I can now only describe as my heart walking outside my body- my beautiful daughter. On the outside, things were looking good, a perfect picture of a successful life. But I found myself staring out of the window of my corporate corner office in a high-rise building in the middle of Sandton, Johannesburg, saying to myself: “If this is what success looks like, then I’m not sure I want to be successful?’

"It’s not happening to you; 
it’s happening because of you.”

Realizing then that I’d accepted a version/vision of success, that was not my own. I set out on a mission to design my very own version of success. After a few courageous conversations and many, life-changing decisions, I courageously and systematically began to craft a new vision for my life, while at the same time, taking action to create it. Within a period of 18 months, I found the courage to file for divorce, buy a new house, quit my job, and start a business, all with a very young child in tow. Looking back, it feels like a lifetime ago, and what a completely different life it was. For over a decade, I’ve been systematically creating the life I want – my own version of success - doing what I love, alongside people who inspire me, while helping others to do the same. With a passion for personal growth and people development, I dedicated my business to the purpose of changing lives one ‘aha’ moment at a time, by connecting people with their sense of value and purpose to get back into the driver’s seat of their lives and achieve their own version of success.

My Purpose Statement (My Why)

“I want to co-create a world where people feel connected to their value so that they can take responsibility for their lives and the impact they have on the world around them.”

Whom I Help and How

“I help ‘leaders’ elicit excellence and optimal performance from themselves and their teams through personal mastery.”

My personal definition of a leader is anyone who seeks to grow their positive influence and impact capabilities.

My Mastery

Capacity Building: My unique relational strengths of developing others, empathy, leading, and relationship building, combined with my strategic mindedness and critical thinking capability – power my obsession for self-improvement by connecting the greatest business asset to its value to build capacity for excellence.

What I Do

Performance Blueprinting: maximising on both individual and collective capabilities that inspire optimal and sustainable performance, aligned to a shared vision.

Are you ready to let me show you what an incredible leader you can be?

All you need is a little curiosity and a lot of courage to push yourself to your next.

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