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A cuppa with Tricia Jones: The woman behind the Capacity Builder brand

William Shakespeare asked the rhetorical question: “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Well, sometimes this is true, but when it comes to Tricia Jones, her name has become synonymous with people development through coaching, training, and resource networking. This is all done to innovatively and effectively solve problems in companies with a view to implement sustainable and transformation change.

But who is this woman behind the brand really?

Well, when we sat down with Tricia, she started with a warning – that the answer to ‘what’s in a name’ might be more complex than Shakespeare made it out to be.

Here is a glimpse into the story behind Tricia and what makes her tick:

Q: Let’s start with a brief background of your career/work experience. What do we need to know?

A: My career/work experience story may come as a surprise to some… Like most 17-year old’s fresh out of school, I was armed with the ambition to become a lawyer (which mostly came from my parents). I enrolled in law school, only to discover on the drive home that this would require 7 long years of nothing else but studying law. So, after destroying my parent’s early retirement dreams, I took their advice and equipped myself with the skills of the future… Information Technology. It didn’t take long for me to realise that as fun as what it was taking computers apart and putting them back together, I am clearly more of a “people” person, and that I needed a job to complement this.

This is how I began my career training in…you guessed it… computer skills! After years of training little old ladies and technophobe executives on how to switch on a computer and make it do some ‘cool stuff’, I had a lightbulb moment and knew that I had stumbled on what would be my career: People development.

After this insight, I started climbing the corporate ladder. I moved out of training and into project management, then operations management and then onto senior management – all before the age of 30. I found myself responsible for the learning and development solutions for 3000 employees of a listed company.

After allowing myself to unpack and explore every aspect of learning and development, I started longing for the classroom, teaching little old ladies and technophobe executives something life changing… and this is when the Capacity Builder dream was born. The rest, as they say, is history!

Q: Briefly, how would you explain what you do to those who don’t know you?

A: “I wouldn’t… I’d show them! Talk is cheap, and the best way for people to really get an idea of what I do, is to experience it. That’s what I’m all about. I help people to create their own experiences, and I do this by creating a series of “aha” moments. It’s through the unraveling of emotions, the confrontation of limiting beliefs, and the simplification of complexities that people begin to realise that their lives and circumstances are not happening to them, but rather, that they are happening BECAUSE of them.”

Q: If you could sum up Tricia Jones in 3 words what would it be and why?

A: Challenging, insightful, and human.

I believe that along our journey, we often find ourselves in one of two spaces: In a comfort zone or in the magic zone. While our comfort zones make us feel, well… comfortable, very little magic ever happens there.

This is why my keen interest is to challenge, to encourage, and to push people to the boundaries of their comfort zones. This is the only way they will break through them and find their magic. I do this through my insightful ability to quickly connect the dots, cut through the fluffy stuff and allow people to see the human. It’s when we see this human element that we really find the magic.

I’m often reminded of how perfectly, imperfectly human I am, and this is how I relate to such a broad range of people and their stories.

Q: If you could master one skill you don’t have right now, what would it be?

A: Wow – great question! To create more hours in the day? Know any courses I can attend?

All jokes aside, I guess it would be to master the art of balance. With such a strong growth orientation, I find myself incredibly focused on my own growth and the growth of others, which sometimes keeps me from just appreciating the here and now. I also need to remind myself to take the people I love along with me for the journey… growth can be a lonely road if we don’t invite some companions along with us on the ride.

Q: What motivates you to succeed? And how do you bring this into your work?

A: Meaning and impact. It’s always about those two things for me. I thrive on doing meaningful and impactful work. Knowing that what I do will have an impact on the world and make a difference, is what catapults me out of bed in the morning. This becomes my measure or criteria for success in the work I do. It’s how I structure my solutions. It’s how I decide who I can and can’t help. It’s what I’m not willing to compromise on my personal journey towards my success.

Q: What words of wisdom would you pass onto yourself 10 years ago?

A: Just trust yourself. You know enough, and you are enough. All the resources you need to realise your dreams, you already have. Stop complaining about how unfair your life has been and do something to change it. Everything you have seen, heard, felt, and experienced has prepared you for the journey you will take towards your success. Use the pain to fuel your fire, the failure to keep you humble and the emotions to keep you human. You will do great things, but more importantly, you will affect positive change into the lives of others along the way.

There is so much to Tricia that we simply can’t put it all into one blog article. We have already booked a follow-up interview in Tricia’s (very busy) diary to find out more about the person behind the brand. After talking to Tricia, even just for an hour, we already understand how she has become so successful. Her passion and drive emanate from her, is completely contagious, and we can’t wait for our next chat to discover more about this dynamic woman.

Can’t wait for the next blog article on #WhoIsTricia? Go to www.capacitybuilder.co.za to find out more about her, her brand, and her journey. 

Tricia Jones

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