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About Tricia Jones


[vc_column_text el_class=”dark_txt”]Challenging. Insightful. Passionate. Human.As founder and managing member of a people-development and coaching business, Capacity Builder, I am as passionate about people personally, as I am about their development professionally.

I’m all about the ‘aha’ moment.

I am not your run-of-the-mill, cookie-cutter coach. Sure, I’m a skilled coach, facilitator and strategist with a CV that ticks all the boxes and qualifications that confirm I know my stuff but, like you, I am a perfectly, imperfect human. For me, it’s not about lectures, death-by-PowerPoint presentations and a one-size-fits-all solution.

It’s about insight and inspiration and empowering each person who crosses my path to overcome challenges and achieve their dreams.[/vc_column_text]

[vc_column_text el_class=”dark_txt”]Meaningful Difference. Positive Impact.
It’s always about these two things for me: Knowing that what I do has a positive impact on the world, and makes a meaningful difference. These two objectives are what catapults me out of bed in the morning.More than just a mantra or a mission statement, meaning and impact are my measures, the yardstick against which each and every aspect of my work is examined. It’s why I structure my solutions the way I do, why I’m upfront and frank about who I can help and who I can’t, and why I push people to the boundaries of their comfort zones.Only by pushing can you break through, and only by breaking through, can you truly discover your extraordinary brand of ‘magic’.[/vc_column_text]
[vc_column_text el_class=”dark_txt”]Life-changing. Truly inspirational.

Angela Maciel
Talent Manager: FleishmanHillard South Africa

“My only brief from my seniors was that we needed to find trainers who ‘just get our business and can become our partner’.

Finding a partner who understood the need for speed and agility, as well as highly engaging topics and content in our industry however, wasn’t easy. I am honored to work in a company with very smart people, most of whom are highly educated and very experienced. While this is good for client service and the bottom line, it makes training very difficult because to stimulate and engage a group of people who are already so far ahead of the curve, is incredibly difficult.

Fortunately, I came across Tricia and Capacity Builder.

Tricia has changed my view on training and engagement by helping me understand the landscape of learning and development in a way that I wanted to, but could not put words to. With her guidance, I have evolved my approach to training internally and am happy to say that I have created a solid foundation for better learning habits, and more agile learning application. Her network of contacts stretches far and wide, and her ability to engage with both the average person as well as MDs is superb. Tricia never imposes but rather gives suggestions and allows you to make the best decision for what you are trying to achieve, and that is how she has come to be such a valued partner for our business.


Frans du Plessis
Director: Quay Stone Construction Pty (Ltd)

“Tricia’s analytical and holistic approach very quickly identified the primary limitations my business was suffering and she started working on my personal attributes that was contributing to these limitations.

Eradicating limiting beliefs by exploring the root cause of these offered me instant clarity, although it was not a quick process to implement the necessary changes. The deep-seatedness of my self-doubt took a while to lift, but once she assisted me to determine my true identity, the true motivation and inspiration to achieve my personal and business goals became quite easy.

I will forever remember the day that Tricia made me realise that I had lost my true identity in the process of trying to be something that I imagined I ought to be. By realising the true value of my personal contributions and offerings, I was able to very effectively install boundaries, both personal and professional, which eradicated a mountain of frustrations and baggage I was carrying internally.

I can sincerely say that my limited time with Tricia was life changing.”


Kevin Wellman
Managing Director: FleishmanHillard South Africa

“At FleishmanHillard SA we embarked on an ambitious project of repositioning ourselves internally. We wanted to be seen as a genuinely people-centric business, not a business that simply pays lip service to this notion. 

We turned things on its head: we brought in a full-time talent development manager, invested in training etc., but one of the most important things we did was to make Tricia and her team part of the journey.

Tricia and her team drove our thinking, pushed the limits of our people and ultimately helped us to grow and develop as an agency. In a short space of time, we grew our staff complement by 50% and our revenues grew in line. 

I always enjoyed my interactions with Tricia; her and her team members are honest, humble and human – three very important attributes.”